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Manage your artists profiles

Your artists reflect your agency, make them look as good as possible!

Your Artist's profiles are ultimately what sell your agency to casting professionals.

On AT2 we have made profile management really easy, you can bulk upload all your media, images, videos & audio files and we will optimize and resize them to the perfect format online for you. We have drag and drop re-ordering, one click image cropping and other great tools to make it super easy to arrange the media in just the way you want to.

We have a new resume format with drag and drop credits and sections and easy in line editing as well as the ability to add clips to each credit to bring your resume to life for clients.

Biography, Skills, Profile, Comp Card, Digis are other elements of the Artist profile that make AT2 the most comprehensive and professional way available to promote your Artists.

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My Shortlist 2 artists pitched to 8 contacts

AT2 PITCH The Ultimate Marketing Tool

Promote your valuable artists more effectively and easier than ever before.

The AT2 Pitch is your ultimate all around Marketing Tool to promote your Artists for any job they are suitable for or to just generally promote them to your clients or casting professionals.

Your select the Artists you want to share, categorize them in groups if you like, select the images and details you want to share on each one as well as add individual notes to each Artist.

Then you define who you want to receive the email of your Artists.

You can check whether each one opens the email and look at your artists too so it allows you to follow up at just the right time.

Best of all even if you add 50 Artists to the email, the size is less than 70Kb (less than one image attachment) that’s small ! As a HTML email it embeds all the content and doesn't clog the clients inbox.

Now that makes sense doesn't it !
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AT2 INBOX Fastest way to keep in touch

Receive briefs from industry professionals and improve your response time.

With top Casting Professionals and clients nationally using AT2 every day to search and find talent and send professional briefs to agents for their suggestions, the AT2 inbox is a key feature listing the projects and their role requirements so you can respond by attaching the right talent from your agency to the right roles. In a few simple clicks, this is the easiest and quickest possible way for you to respond and ensure your Artists are considered by those that count every time !

Even if a brief isn't quite right for your agency we have a (NO SUITABLE ARTISTS) button so you can let the client courteously know, this time you don't have any suggestions suitable.

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Reporting and Dashboards

Track all your artists progress with our analysis tools

How many you have, what types they are, what packages they are on, how many signed over the past 6 months, how many briefs you submitted each one too and how many dropped away.

All of this is accessible in your AT2 dashboard, graphically represented so you always have your finger on the pulse with your talent database.

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Stay connected with your artists

Don’t let your talent miss important auditions or events

The Agent tool for messaging your Artists includes both SMS and Email as well as online AT2 messaging, so there isn't a chance your talent will tell you ‘they missed that audition notification’ or important reason they needed to ‘call the agency’.

With SMS at just 9c an SMS the value is so good it makes sense to communicate this way for speed, efficiency and cost savings.

Use SMS to bulk message your talent and have them call you to get the updates you need to share.

SMS Messaging on AT2 is a fantastic and cheap way to communicate messages quickly to your agency database or a portion of, when time is of the essence.

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Expand your network today

With AT2, you have your very own client contact book

A place to store all your clients that you regularly contact and do business with. This also includes a list of many other industry professionals, many you don't know but can contact to start building a strong working relationship with.

So with AT2, your own network can grow and so can your opportunities to work with new contacts joining the network every day.

Another reason why being listed on AT2 makes a whole lot of sense for every agency.

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Stay in control of Audition Requests

Schedule and manage all your requests from one place

With our new Audition Magic Audition Scheduling and Online Audition Collaboration system, you now receive your audition notifications by email, so you can respond immediately and lock in the time for your Artist/s or forward it to them to confirm.

This comprehensive audition scheduling system makes Casting professional's job a lot easier and brings a brand new level of professionalism to the management of your Artists auditions online.

Not only can they drag-and-drop your artists into an organization calendar and send you email confirmations for your successful Artists, but they can also send your artists auditions to clients online, all linked to their AT2 profile, making the presentation of your Artists even more professional.

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Submit Artist Audition Tests

Support artists who audition from a remote location

Sometimes you will have a need to create an Audition Test yourself to submit an Artist or Artists to a Pilot Audition interstate or abroad and they just can't be there in person. On AT2, you can upload that filmed audition and submit it professionally to any casting professional you need to.

Using the powerful AT2 Pitch as the delivery method, they also get access to the Artist’s AT2 profile as well as their audition take/s and you have the ability to see when it was vie wed by that client too.

So now borders are even more blurred as you can suggest your Artists on AT2 to jobs anywhere in the world in a few simple clicks.

Other products and services

for Agencies and Managers

Need a new or improved Agency Website?
We will help your business stand out online!

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A Brand New Website

Designing & Building a new website can be very stressful, there is always a friend of a friend that can do it cheap, but it never ends up the way you want and the issues continue... AT2 & ProAgency Sites has been building websites for the entertainment industry for over 15 years, that's back when everyone used typewriters! So we know what agencies want and need in a site.

A Great design, that works on all devices like phones, iPads and web browsers, a way to update and edit content easily, a way to track how effective their marketing is, a way to make it simple like our AT2 Integration, where all your talent just show up on your site without any extra effort. All of these things are why AT2 is the leader in this field and why you should talk to us about a new site.

Integrate with an Existing Site

If you already have an existing site but still want to make use of our fantastic technology, then get in touch and we can help you integrate great looking talent pages into your site drawing all the information directly from AT2.

This means there is no double database entry for you and it allows you to have one-central-database to power all your talent information effectively, while you manage the rest of the site to promote your business.

We make these talent pages fit right in to your site, matching colours and structure to ensure it still looks like your agency brand.

Manager Magic

Your very own Customer Relationship Manager

If you are a higher volume Agency that recruits a broad range of talent to your agency and require a tool to manage that process more effectively, we can help you with the scheduling of interviews, collection of data, selection of packages for your agency, record of payments for photoshoots, AT2 or other expenses.

Manager Magic is the perfect way to get your Agency organised and systemised in a way that will result in less wasted time, more efficiency and ultimately a better business.



AT2 Casting remains free for all agents to join and use
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Please be aware however that AT2 does have a screening process for ensuring Agencies are legitimate, established and licenced where applicable.

There are also requirements for agencies joining the network that include listing all talent on AT2 packages so that Casting Professionals can find the talent they require from your agency and you are able to submit correctly for briefs received over the network.,,, and the New AT2 RECRUIT CRM System, are all costed individually and require separate registrations. You can register with AT2 below and then add these services additionally as required. View available packages for your Artists Register now

Please fill out this form to start the registration process of becoming listed on AT2 Casting.