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Search and find the right artists

AT2 has the largest database of talent and professionals in the southern hemisphere!

Consisting of thousands of Actors, Models, Presenters, Voice Talent, Dancers, Singers, Commercial Talent, Extras, Models and U16 Child Talent, you can find the exact Artists you need for your Film, TV Series, TV Commercial, Theatre, Corporate or Print Campaign across hundreds of Professional Agencies.

Simply fill in the criteria you require in our Advanced Search, it could be as simple as Male or Female and an Age-Range or as complex as a range of skills, languages, accents, heights or eye colour, our search allows you to be as broad or as specific as you like.

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Shortlist and share your selections

Manage and share all your final selections faster and quicker than ever before!

Once you have created your Shortlist of all the right actors, performers, models or other artists for your production, you can simply save a shortlist for future reference. This can be helpful to save a list of talent you may want to have quick and easy access to at anytime.

We have also made sharing really simple, so you can send your shortlist selections to another colleague or client in a few simple clicks, it might be to share an idea of the types of Artists available/suitable for your project to get feedback on or to share your final choices after auditions.

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Submit briefs directly to agents

Remove the need for multiple programs and attachments, send briefs within the app!

The other main way Casting Professionals, Advertising Agencies, Production Companies, Photographers, Directors, Producers and Corporate Companies use AT2 Casting, is to send a brief of their requirements to any selection of the hundreds of professional Talent Agencies listed on AT2 as well as Freelance talent directly if they wish.

This works by you creating the details of your brief, what it entails, when it is shooting, what are the types of talent your require, you then select the agencies you want to target, this could be a type of agency, or agencies in a region, or alternately cast a broad net and ask for suggestions from all agencies. You define when you want the responses and they then use AT2 to suggest those of their Artists they feel are appropriate.

AT2 does all the heavy lifting by giving you access to all the professional agencies that can suggest all the right talent to you that are suitable and available during your shooting period.

Now that's easy!

AT2 and AuditionMagic

Where AT2 stops, AuditionMagic starts...
at2audition magic

After successfully searching, finding and shortlisting your Artists in AT2 either yourself or by submitting a brief and receiving suggestions from the hundreds of professional agencies nationally listed on AT2.

You then start the Audition Process and this is where Audition Magic comes in to help you, schedule times and communicate with Agents, capture and upload your auditions and share these auditions online and collaborate with your clients whether they are hear or abroad.

In Audition Magic the whole process is made simple and covers all of your needs. Our seamless integration with AT2 means you start off in Audition Magic immediately where you left off on AT2, it's just that simple now to manage your complete casting process.

Learn more about AuditionMagic
Here is a basic outline of just some of the features Audition Magic provides you
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Schedule Audition Times

Take the pain out of being the middle man, let us help you lockdown appointments

Audition Magic lets you manage the most stressful, complex and time consuming part of the audition process with ease...Scheduling Auditions !

Our unique drag-and-drop calendar with auto-scheduling, artist filtering, managing multiple artist auditions, confirmation notifications, locking auditions and more, is made super easy in our very intuitive, user friendly and cutting edge system that takes the pain away from managing your schedules and allows you to get on with the job of casting the perfect people for your project.

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Capture and upload auditions

We understand generally there are two types of casting processes.

The first type is a mad rush typically found in TV Commercial casting, where you are casting lots of talent and have no time to spend editing every audition to make it perfect, you just need to capture auditions and get them online, for that we have our Audition Magic Studio App that captures your auditions as you film, magically sends them in the background to our Cloud Servers where they are converted into iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac & PC friendly videos and linked to the talent you are auditioning automatically saving you valuable time and therefore money too.

The second type of casting, typically Film or Television, is where there is more time and less people or less rush to cast, casting professionals like to edit the clips themselves, select the best takes and upload them, well Audition Magic caters for this approach too making it extra easy to bulk upload all your videos in one hit and like Houdini let our system do the magic trick of preparing all the videos for you in all the right formats in magic like time and efficiency.

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Make auditions available online

Don’t make your clients wait, give them access to new auditions instantly

With Audition Magic, sharing auditions is far more elegant than a tape you fedexed your client, or a huge zipped up file link that takes forever to download or a DVD that won't play properly in their DVD player. All of things are not an issue as your auditions and Artists are displayed in a very user friendly interface that allows the client to vote on their favourites, make notes about them, view their images, online profile and all the takes you associated with each Artist.

We even manage Group and Single Audition viewing so if you cast 4 people at once your client can see the one video linked to all their profiles.

Visit to learn more about notes, votes and sharing auditions
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Encouraging collaboration

Don’t leave anyone out of the loop, bring everyone together and speed up your reviews

We understand how intricate sharing auditions can sometimes be, especially on the big international projects, we have made collaboration really flexible for you.

You are in control of who and how you collaborate.

You can share a whole project, just a part of it, just one role or as specifically as only a few Artists and their 2nd round auditions. This is managed in your collaboration section of Audition Magic so you can always change permissions at anytime for whoever you like.

Another way we are making your life easier with a tool that caters to your every need.

Visit for a full description of services and pricing


AT2 Casting has two levels of access dependent on the types of projects you cast. Registration and pricing for Audition Magic will be seperate, however accounts can be linked for seamless integration.
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I cast Professional (Paid) Productions

For Professional Paid Productions in Film, Television, Theatre, Print or Other Professional Productions, you join as a PRO USER in the AT2 Casting System.

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i-Cast Amateur (Unpaid) Productions

If you are an Independent Producer, Director or Student casting a TropFest, Short-film or Amateur non-profit production where you are seeking talent to be part of this, you join as an I-CAST USER.


AT2 has a screening process to register Casting Professionals on our system, to use the AT2 Casting System is FREE for Industry Professionals and we welcome you to register below so we can assist you in your project's.

AT2 is FREE for iCAST users, your productions must ALL be unpaid, amateur productions either for short-film festival submission, amateur theatre, student projects etc. If you are planning a Professional or Paying Production, please register as a PRO USER